in order to remain competitive in the market we know that the main goal is to maintain a strong performance in the work we undertake. We are committed to our customers' satisfaction, which is why we prefer to supply products and services with the highest quality tested materials, always with the systems recommended for its use and tests of technical suitability with certificates which guarantee the security of the work. Thanks to our many years of experience and excellent knowledge of materials available in the market, we are ready to give support and suggest solutions, which combine with projects to create aesthetic and functional architectural structures.

The manufacturers of building materials
who we cooperate with and have worked
with for several years are the following:

Rigips (Saint-Gobain Construction Products)
- Plasterboard System

Isover (Saint-Gobain Construction Products)
- Glass wool insulation, rock and Styrofoam

Rockwool Poland
- Stone panels with insulation systems of mineral wool

Fischer Poland
– Fixing technique

- Fasteners, tools

– Steel Products

We provide a great deal of attention and safety throughout the construction process through the use of high quality equipment and products. Our priority is the satisfaction and wellbeing of our clients, which depends on the quality of the services and the mutual cooperation. Professional co-operation and services at European level provide us with a great sense of confidence and satisfaction in what we do.



The popularity of plasterboard panels is increasing. The traditional plaster ceiling is being replaced by new plasterboard panels, suspended by a metal frame. Ceilings are a solution to hide imperfections where traditional methods can be more difficult to use. Using acoustic ceiling insulation can effectively absorb sound in the room and weaken the sound coming from outside the room Good insulation can facilitate the acoustics of speech and sound like music, especially important in auditoriums, conference rooms, theaters, etc. Good acoustics can also improve the well-being and comfort within the room. Plasterboards, among other products, may also play a role in thermal insulation. The RF plasterboard ceiling can also provide a solution against the spreading of fire. It is also possible to hide cables, pipes and fittings in the ceiling. It is also practical to include halogen lighting, LED systems, etc. The suspended ceiling construction can be simple, or it may take a special form (multi-level, arched etc.) according to individual needs.


The technology to cover the wall with plasterboard panels allows for a very nice, smooth and uniform surface, you can eliminate dump processes, improve the thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as to create fire protection. There are systems designed for room division, thus providing one of the simplest alternatives for all types of room adaptation. The self-supporting plasterboard partitions are very light; made of metal profiles and drywall. However, they are able to take their own weight and distribute it on the surface adding to the structural support. When giving them sound insulation by filling them with mineral wool we achieve sound absorption in accordance with the density of the product. Plasterboard panels are also recommended to comply with the requirements of fire protection.

Constructions with plasterboard panels

Apart from ceilings and partitions, plasterboards are also used to create decorative indoor elements such as shelves, furniture, etc. On the basis of your own ideas, or with the help of our interior designer, we can even make subtle changes in the geometry of the room to give a unique character, transform it completely, or even create a unique area in the room.